Materiale Didattico di Inglese

Materiale Didattico di Inglese

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I contenuti sono consultabili tramite link diretti a video di YouTube. Non sono materiale prodotto da Punto a Capo Onlus, quindi non sono protetti da password. Consigliamo di trascinare con il mouse fuori dal video i sottotitoli di YouTube se appaiono, in quanto sono quasi sempre sbagliati e vi distraggono dalla comprensione di quanto ascoltate.

Legenda: BE British English; AE American English; CE Canadian English; AUE Australian English.

Song: canzone; Listen and Watch: ascolta e guarda; Listen and repeat: ascolta e ripeti; Exercise: esercitati; Song and Lyrics: canzoni famose con il testo da imparare; Grammar: spiegazioni di grammatica in inglese.

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1ABC Song
150 Words You're Pronouncing WRONGLY Right Now!
1TH Pronunciation
2Personal Pronouns Song
3Days of the week Song
3Colors Song
3Listen and watch: What are adjectives  (AE)
3Sing: Tom's diner by Suzanne Vega
4British Anthem: God save the Queen
4Comprehension: Great Britain
5Listen and Repeat: This, these, that, those
5Listen and watch: Pronouns
5Exercise: Road Runner and Present Continuous
5Sing: The What are you doing? (Present Progressive song)
6Big Numbers Song
6How many Song
6The Months of the year Song
6What time is it Song
6Song and Lyrics: When - The Kalin Twins
7Grammar: Different kind of Sentences
7Listen and Repeat: Songs using Simple Past e Present Continuous
8Song and Lyrics: Wanted dead or alive - Bon Jovi>
8Song and Lyrics: Baby can I hold you - Tracy Chapman
8Song and Lyrics: Tainted love - Soft Cell
9American Anthem: The Star-Spanned Banner
10Song and lyrics: Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
10Song and lyrics: One year of love - Queen
10Song and lyrics: I need you tonite - INXS
10Grammar: Causative Verbs
10Grammar: Linking Verbs
10Song and lyrics: Nothing compares to you - Sinead O'Connor
11Song and lyrics: Imagine by John Lennon
11Grammar: Preposition of place
11Grammar: Prepositions: Arrive AT, ON or IN?
11Grammar: prepositions TO or FOR
11Grammar: Prepositions by or until
11Stand by me - Full movie
12Song and lyrics: I don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith
12Song and lyrics: Time of my life - Dirty Dancing OST
12Song and lyrics: Hard to say I'm sorry - Westland
12Song and lyrics: Sorry seems to be the hardest word - Blue ft. Elton John
13Girls just want to have fun - Cindy Lauper Song
13You oughta know - Alanis Morrissette Song
13Listen and watch: Hamlet: the Father's Ghost
14Listen and watch: Hamlet, the play of 'The Murder of Gonzago'
14Grammar: Adverbs in English
14Grammar: Adjectives & Adverbs
14Grammar: RISE or RAISE?
14Bad Things - Jace Everett True Blood OST Song
14Listen and Watch: a scene from True Blood series
15Listen and watch: Hamlet: a summary
15Sweet dreams - Eurythmics Song
15Sweet dreams - Marilyn Manson Song
15Sweet dreams - Emily Browning Sucker Punch OST Song
15Sweet dreams - Pellek Song
15Hamlet by Laurence Olivier (BE)
15Hamlet by Kenneth Branagh (BE)
15 Hamlet by Mel Gibson (AUE)
15Hamlet by Richard Burton (AE)
15Listen and watch: 'To be or not to be': Shakespeare by Prof. Sallie DelVecchio
16Song and lyrics: Somebody like you - Adele
16Song and lyrics: Candy - Paolo Nutini
17Whats the Weather Like Today? SONG